Actev Motors, co-founded by Tony Fadell, prepares to start shipping its smart go-karts

Actev Motors, a young, Mountain View, Ca.-based company, is gearing up to ship its eagerly anticipated all-electric smart go-karts beginning this fall.

The vehicles, for kids ages 5 to 9, cost roughly $1,000, including a Formula One-like body kit that comes in silver or red, and shipping. They come with a lot of neat features that tech-savvy parents will appreciate, too, including an app that lets parents adjust the speed at which their kids are driving (up to 12 miles per hour), a geofencing function that keeps kids within a particular boundary and collision avoidance, so junior won’t run into the neighbor’s house.


Recently, we toured the company’s offices, where it fabricates and tests out what looks to be a growing line of products.

In fact, if all goes as planned — Actev is raising a Series A round currently — its next major product line will center on a go-kart for grown-ups.

CEO Dave Bell, who founded the company with Tony Fadell (of Apple and Nest Labs fame), declined to share specifics about how many pre-orders the company has taken or exactly when the karts will reach customers’ homes, but we gather they’ll be arriving in driveways in the next month or two.

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