Tesla brings its Design Studio to you with Model X SUVs towing Airstreams

Tesla may have a range of vehicle showrooms across North America, but those can’t cover everyone, and it’s even more difficult for the average potential Tesla buyer to get to the company’s primary design studio in Hawthorne, so the automaker’s new ‘Tesla Explores‘ initiative is aiming to bring a taste of the design studio to you.

The program is a road-trip across the continent, using six Airstream trailers outfitted as Tesla mobile Design Studios, each towed behind a Model X. The project has a number of announced locations for its initial stops, but the ultimate goal is to cover more broadly with new locations to be added based on customer input. Tesla is asking people interested in having one of the Design Studios visit to register their interest via a new website for the program.

Tesla continues to try to change laws in various states regarding direct selling, and its model remains illegal in a few states. These mobile showrooms might be a way to get around those restrictions, depending on what kind of sales process occurs in the portable showrooms themselves.