Watch Sony’s PlayStation 4 ‘Neo’ event live right here

Sony is holding a PlayStation Meeting in New York to unveil the PlayStation 4 ‘Neo’, and maybe also a PS4 Slim because why not. In case you don’t care about Apple’s iPhone event today, you can watch Sony’s conference live stream right here on this page.

The conference starts at 3 PM ET (12 PM on the West coast, 8 PM in London, 4 AM in Tokyo).

What’s the PlayStation 4 ‘Neo’ exactly (or whatever Sony chooses to call it)? It’s supposed to be a much more powerful PlayStation 4 that will let you play games with better graphics. In particular, it should be a more capable console when it comes to playing virtual reality games using the PlayStation VR headset.

But Sony doesn’t plan to stop selling the normal PlayStation 4. Going forward, all games should be compatible on both the PS4 and the PS4 ‘Neo’. There’s still a lot to learn from this conference.