Sun and Moon’s newest Pokémon include a powerful hybrid created by science


What hath science wrought: First it created the brooding Mewtwo, whose tale of experimentation and weaponization is the dramatic underpinning for the original Pokémon movie; now, it’s responsible for Type: Null, a new synthetic Pokémon from the upcoming Sun and Moon Pokémon games for 3DS that combines the strengths of various other pocket monsters.

In addition to the fairly badass Type: Null, there’s another new Pokémon breaking cover today, and it’s also pretty hardcore; Jangmo-o is a Dragon-type which also has “the pride of a warrior” and “Never regrets its training in pursuit of becoming stronger,” according to the official description from The Pokémon Company. This is definitely a primary party aspiration for me, personally.

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New story and gameplay details have also been revealed today, including news that so-called “Ultra Beasts” which can change shape and “paste a thread to humans and Pokémon” roam the Alola region that acts as the game’s setting. There’s also a new Poké Finder in-game feature that lets players take pictures of the Pokémon they encounter, and have those photos rated to unlock more photo-taking abilities.

Finally, a big functional different between the Sun and Moon versions of the game has been announced: Moon works on a 12-hour delay from your 3DS system’s internal clock, whereas Sun is synced normally, meaning it’ll be night in Moon when it’s daytime in Sun. That will result in different encounters, in-game events and more during play sessions.

Pokémon Sun and Moon will go on sale November 18.