Podcasting toolkit ZCast updates with new features

Podcasts blew up in 2016. Ever since Serial’s success two years ago, the medium has gained devotees among celebrities and… apparently everyone else.

The new, new thing in the podcast world is to take the show on the road with tools to give mobile phones nearly the same level of quality that users would get from a home studio.

That’s why apps have proliferated from companies like Spreaker, which has a mobile podcasting toolkit, and Anchor FM, which wants to turn podcasting into bite-sized conversational transmissions — letting audiences interact with hosts.

Sitting somewhere in the middle is ZCast, and its app. It can’t boast the wattage of podcasters on Spreaker, or the celebrity backers that have signed on to Anchor, but it does have a new list of features that will give its everyday users an easier way to get their podcasts out into the world.

New features on the podcasting app include personal landing pages and better search capabilities so listeners can discover new podcasters, an ability to edit podcast metadata and an embeddable player.