DJI’s folding drone leaks as press invites to September event roll out

DJI’s next drone looks like it will probably be the foldable DJI Mavic, according to new image leaks that build on a previous trademark application DJI filed for the product name. The leaked photos diverge from DJI’s existing photographic drones by employing a folding farm design, which should allow it to become nicely portable, especially when compared to its current fixed-arm quadcopters. And the company also sent out an invite for a September 27 press event today, which seems unlikely

The new images were first posted by Heliguy and MyFirstDrone (via Slashgear), and depict a design with hinged arms mounted top and bottom that swing out to create a more traditional quadcopter design for airborne use. Specs for the new drone have also leaked out, and suggest 4K video capability as well as two-axis rotation via its embedded gimbal for smoother shots. There’s also a removable battery which should make it easier to keep shooting on the go, especially when combined with the more portable design.


September is set to be a hot one for aerial photography in general. GoPro is set to debut its own Karma drone, a first for the company, later this month as well. This is one area where the continuing effects of smartphone manufacturing at scale is having a huge effect on the quality and affordability of hobby filmmaking, and it’s exciting to see all the competition.