If nothing else, StikBox is a good way to hide the fact that you own a selfie stick

What if I told you that you could hide the shame of carrying around a selfie stick, protect your smartphone and have a free kickstand all in one go? How much would you pay for such a luxury? $10,000? $100,000? $8 million? Try around $40, American.

The StikBox is actually a pretty solid idea that seems to work fairly well. It’s a plastic iPhone/Samsung handset that features a slatted metal back. Pull the metal up, rotate it around and extend it into one long rod — BOOM… selfie stick.


The case is the result of a successful Kickstarter campaign launched late last year, with the first units starting to ship now. Like your standard selfie stick, the StikBox connects to the handset via Bluetooth.

When you first extend the case, it launches the company’s app — a key differentiator between the product and some similar offerings that have sprung up in its wake. And, naturally, it’s got a built-in button that snaps those photos from (slightly) afar.

The company is also looking to release a lighter-weight carbon fiber version for the next iPhone.