A circular satnav designed to blend in with a scooter

Like Garmin, TomTom’s been getting pretty aggressive with its wearable strategy. No wonder, really — it’s a space that’s seen exponential growth over the past few years, as in-car GPS systems have, at best, flatlined, thanks to the near ubiquity of smartphones.

But TomTom’s not giving up the ghost. The company’s been playing around in the space to see what, if anything, might stick. This year at IFA, it debuted a new Wi-Fi-enabled GPS line, along with this guy: a brightly colored circular satnav system that is, quite frankly, cute as a button.

The VIO (see? Even the name is adorable) isn’t a standalone GPS in and of itself — rather, it draws all of that important information from the rider’s phone via Bluetooth. The system displays turn-by-turn directions and will show the face of a connection when a call comes in. The screen also has a built-in speed warning, turning red when the driver goes above the speed limit.

The VIO is waterproof and its touchscreen works with gloves. It also features six different snap-on silicon covers designed to match the scooter’s color, because a mod can never be too fashionable.