Drop partners with Bosch to let users monitor their oven remotely

This could actually go a ways toward easing my obsessive dial checking on the way out the door in the morning. Drop, they of connected kitchen scale fame, is partnering with Bosch to bring an added layer of connectivity to the German appliance maker’s kitchen devices.

The deal, announced at IFA in Berlin, starts simply, with the company’s Series 8 oven, bringing remote monitoring of key details like time, temperature and cook settings to existing devices. Things are set to blossom from there, including further oven functionality like pre-heating and integration with other Bosch appliances featuring Home Connect Support.

In the future, users will be able to use the Drop app to check the contents of their fridge and do whatever sort of thing people could possible want to do with a connected blender. Sky’s the limit when it comes to milkshakes.

Drop’s plans go even further, with vague hints of world (kitchen) domination, “Soon, we hope to be able to control appliances across the kitchen.” Somewhere a Drop executive is laughing maniacally between sips of a kale smoothie.