Now there’s a wireless version of Bower & Wilkins’ P7 headphones

Bower & Wilkins, a British audio company started in 1966, is releasing a Bluetooth version (that means wireless, friends) of their well-received P7 headphones. I had the chance to review the wired pair a year ago, and said they’re where “audiophiles meet the bourgeois“.

After all, the earcups are made from memory foam and the hinge design looks more like a fine art piece.

They were a high quality pair of headphones that didn’t prioritize bass over everything else, and instead opted for clarity so high, you could easily pick out the differences between the mid, high and lower frequencies of songs.

The P7 Wireless headphones go on sale today, for $400. That’s a lot, but it not only gets you Bluetooth connectivity but aptX, a codec that uses better compression than regular old Bluetooth 4.0, arguably the best Bluetooth audio solution out there right now. B&W claims the battery life on the P7 Wireless tops out at 17 hours — which is a lot considering — but I’d have to test that out to be sure.

Oh, and if you’re still not feeling the love for Bluetooth: Bower & Wilkins is dropping the wired P7’s price to $350, so there’s that to consider as well.