A 38-inch curved gaming monitor isn’t as immersive as VR, but it’s still pretty neat

At $1,500, the 38UC99 works out to around $39 per inch of curved gaming monitor. And it’s a pretty lovely thing to behold – particularly when lined up alongside two other 38-inch gaming monitors. That’s 114 inches of brightly lit gaming action for a mere $4,500.

It’s a pretty impressive display, in the way that only something prohibitively expensive can be. Of course, the 38UC99 looks pretty okay on its own as well. The ultrawide monitor sports a healthy 3,440 x 1,600 Quad HD+ resolution and a great color gamut of around 99 percent of the sRGB color space. It’s got two Bluetooth speakers built-in and is, at least in LG’s estimation, the first of its kind with a USB-C port.


LG likes to toss around the word “immersive” when describing the thing, a which comes across as bit of a nod to the recent explosion in VR headsets. Of course, there’s only so much you can do with a monitor, but on the upside, it won’t mess up your hair.