Daimler begins testing Smart car trunk delivery service with DHL

Packages delivered to the trunk of your car isn’t an entirely new concept; last April, Amazon started testing a service to do just that in partnership with Audi and DHL in Munich. Now, Daimler is getting in the action, with a pilot project also including DHL and Amazon, as well as Allyouneed fresh and Fashion ID that will drop packages in the trunk (“boot” for the Europeans in the crowd) of customer Smart cars in select German cities.

The pilot project will start this fall in Stuttgart, and then roll out to Cologne, Bonn and Berlin shortly after that. Eventually, it’s going to span seven German cities according to Daimler, and will comprise the “biggest in-car delivery test ever performed in German” according to the car maker.

Potential users can sign up to participate at ww.smart.com/drop, and if selected, their cars will be retrofitted with a special Connectivity Box that allows delivery agents to access the vehicles to make the delivery. Smart will also begin shipping a fort with the Connectivity Box pre-installed beginning in Autumn.

Delivery to your car would’ve seemed like the ultimate unnecessary step just a few years ago, but in the modern era of same-day delivery, which can sometimes include turnaround of just a few hours, being able to receive what you want wherever you happen to be actually makes a lot of sense. Smart as a brand is a good fit for this, too; urban commuters are more likely than most to be able to take advantage of quick delivery options.