ZTE moves on to phase two of its crowdsourcing CSX project

As far as smartphone gimmicks go, CSX is a pretty fun one. The project takes the sort of community driven creation brought to space courtesy of startups like OnePlus and takes it to the next level, asking customers to help design the next device in the ZTE portfolio.

Phase one revolved around those initial solicitations. Users were asked to offer suggestion not limited to a smartphone (“mobile device” being the specified qualifier) that is technically possible for the company to build by 2017. Around 400 ideas were submitted, at least 100 of which were deemed disqualifying for any number of reasons.

ZTE shared a few of the more interesting idea, including a diving mask with AR built in and a robotic glove controlled with a mobile device designed to teach people skills like piano playing through repetitive motions. There are also some more simplistic (but popular) concepts, like a smartphone running Ubuntu. Fair enough.

The new phase being launched at IFA is voting. The company is asking users to vote on their favorite, with three finalists moving onto the development phase, in which the company will be asking hacking teams to build prototypes. The winner from that will be chosen October 20th, with the top spot earning a trip to CES to unveil some version of the product.