Withings adds heart-rate monitoring to its analog fitness watch

There’s really only so much you can do with your analog fitness watch before it turns into something else. Withings already has one of the nicer offerings in the space in the form of the Steel — a solid time-keeping device with step and sleep tracking baked in.

As the name implies, the Steel HR brings heart-rate (not human resources) monitoring to the equation. It accomplishes this through green LEDs built into the back of the watch, which are able to monitor the level of blood in the wrist. The monitoring will be activated during a run or manually, offering up real-time metrics, including maximum heart rate and “time in the zone,” viewable through the Withings app.

There’s also an auto feature for monitoring at night, which offers extra insight into the device’s sleep tracking.


The HR comes in two sizes — 36 mm and 40 mm, or large and small — featuring a similarly sleek design as its predecessor. The watch features a built-in battery capable of up to 25 days of life on a charge, owing to, no doubt, its lack of a display. It’s waterproof, as well, which should come in handy with the whole swim tracking thing.

The wearable works with Withings’ existing Health Mate iOS/Android app. It starts shipping at the end of next month, priced at $180 for the 36 mm and $200 for the 40 mm.