TomTom’s got three new fitness trackers for IFA

If you used to make in-car navigation devices, odds are pretty good you make wearables now. That’s just the way things are. Now that everyone has turn-by-turn driving directions on their phone, those kinds of standalone mapping products have really lost their luster.

TomTom’s on-board with the pivot. Granted, the company’s products haven’t earned the same sort of press as Garmin’s wide-ranging line, but the navigation company clearly sees fitness devices as a way out of the painted-in corner that is GPS navigation.


Today at IFA, it offered up three additions to the line, starting with the TomTom Touch, a simple fitness band with a monochrome display that features built-in all day heart rate monitoring. The wearable also ups the fitness tracking ante by adding body composition measurements, attempting to calculate the wearer’s ratio of body fat to muscle mass and incorporating the measurement alongside standard fitness features like calories burned and step tracking to provide a fuller picture of health.

The latest version of the company’s Spark line (number 3) is slimmer than its predecessor, while adding route tracking the mix courtesy of on-board GPS. The Spark 3 has 3GB of storage built-in that can be streamed through the bundled wireless Bluetooth headphones.


The TomTom Adventurer, meanwhile [above], is essentially a souped up version of the Spark 3 that includes some key hardware additions like a barometer, compass and a heart rate monitor, along with an extended battery.

The devices will hit retail next month, priced at $130, $250 and $350.