The Apple Watch 2 could have a bigger battery for a GPS chip

Rumor has it that Apple is about to introduce an Apple Watch 2 on September 7, alongside a new iPhone. While many leaks indicate that the Apple Watch will have more or less a similar design as the original watch, a new leak from Byte shows that the Apple Watch 2 could have a bigger battery and a thinner display.

The reasoning is quite simple. Based on previous rumors, the Apple Watch 2 will have a built-in GPS chip. This way, when you go for a quick run, you can leave your phone behind as your watch can record your exact run.

But a GPS chip combined with a faster processor means that the Apple Watch is going to consume a lot of battery life. That’s why Apple needs to find a way to fit a bigger battery inside the same body — nobody wants a thicker Apple Watch, it’s already thick enough.

A thinner display seems like a good way to save up some space, and it’s exactly what Apple plans to do based on today’s leak. Byte says that the Watch 2 battery could be 30 percent bigger. It doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to charge your watch every other day, but it means that Apple is aware that its customers don’t want an Apple Watch with a shorter battery life.

Other than that, nobody knows much about the new Apple Watch. Will Apple make it cheaper from day one? Will the company release another crazy expensive Apple Watch Edition model?

There’s one thing for sure — the Apple Watch was introduced two years ago and launched 18 months ago, so it’s time for a refresh.