Sun and Moon’s early purchase bonus is a pre-Snorlax Pokémon

Pokémon Sun and Moon are closer than ever to their November 18 launch, and Nintendo revealed a few new details about the game today. The most significant, especially for rabid fans, is that early purchasers (who buy between launch and January 11, 2017) will get Munchlax over their 3DS device internet collection as part of their purchase.

The exclusive new Pokémon is a pre-evolved format of Snorlax, the large, sleepy pocket monster that fans will recognize as a constant source of in-game consternation because of how frequently it blocks your path. Snorlax is also consistently a solid pick for your top six active Pokémon, since it’s basically a tank in terms of soaking up damage, and doesn’t have much in the way of sever weaknesses since it’s a Normal type.

Munchlax is ike its evolved form in that bit has a fondness for eating stuff, per Nintendo, and it also has an awesome couple of unique abilities for pre-order customers that should make it very handy for early game play: Hold Back, a move that reduces HP to 1 even if the Pokémon would otherwise have fainted, which is great for catching more ‘mons; and Happy Hour, a move that doubles the prize money for any battle in which it’s used.

Also, early buyers get Snorlium Z, a special hold item for Pokémon that teaches Munchlax Pulverizing Pancake when it evolves into Snorlax. Sounds like it packs quite a punch, here it is in action: