Sennheiser debuts a bunch of new headphones at IFA

Sennheiser’s always got a fair amount of stuff to show off at IFA. After all, the show is kind of, sort of in the audio company’s backyard (well, only a three hour drive away). This year it’s doubling down on consumer headphones with for new updates.

The HD 4 is a new line of big around-ear headphones in three different configurations with passive noise cancelling. The lightweight, foldable pairs feature a cable with built-in in-line calling and volume control. The HD 2 line, meanwhile are slim on-ears meant to replace the PX 100, 200 and HD 200 series from the company featuring all the above amenities.


The German company’s also issuing an update to its HD 500 line of over-ear headphones, the HD 559, 569, 579 and 599. All the line feature large earcups with replaceable pads and utilize the company’s EAR technology for improved sound. All the 500 line, save for the 569 are open-back, offering a freer sound sure to annoy the piss out of your office mates.

All the new headphones start shipping this month. Pricing is still TBD.