Netatmo launches valves to turn your dumb, dumb radiator into a smart one

Turning your good old radiator into a connected, smart radiator could be a dream of yours. Imagine being able to control the temperature of each radiator individually without having to move from the couch! If that’s your thing, Netatmo just announced Netatmo Valves. As the name suggest, these devices replace the existing valves on your radiator.

Netatmo has already released a smart thermostat to control your heating remotely and more intelligently. But what if there’s nobody in the bedrooms during the day and you still keep heating them?

The Netatmo Valves are more granular. They connect to your network and allows you to turn up or down your radiator in a particular room. You could set different schedules for the bathroom, the bedrooms and more.

The company says that it works with normal hot water radiators, and specifically European ones — these radiators are quite common in Europe. More interestingly, the valves can detect when a window is open and stop heating a room.

The valves will also try to gather information about the environment (if people are in the room for example) to adjust the temperature. It has an e-ink display so that you can see the temperature directly on the radiator.

Finally, these valves work with HomeKit. With iOS 10, you’ll be able to control your radiators directly from the operating system’s control center. You can also configure accessories using Siri.

The Netatmo Valves will be available at the end of 2016 for around $80 each (£59.99). If you have a lot of radiators, it could get expensive, but not all of your rooms need special treatment.

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