Neato debuts a pair of connected robotic vacuums starting at $399

Neato, the other company that produces robot vacuums (no, the other, other company), is back with two new entries in its floor cleaning robo-servant line. The latest additions, debuting at IFA this week, continue the company’s (relatively) low-entry point and a focus on connectivity, which – in that respect, at least – leapfrogged iRobot a while back.

The base-level D3 runs $399, featuring the D-shape design – which means, quite literally, that the robot is shaped like a capital “D,” as opposed to Roomba’s more familiar puck design. As with other entrants in the line, the D3 utilizes the company’s laser scanning technology to map the room for the most efficient course, while detecting objects in real-time.

The D5 runs $200 more, adding some key features to the proceedings like a larger battery, additional app integration and a Find Me function, which is actually surprisingly useful for anyone who’s ever torn their home apart looking for a renegade robotic vacuum.

Both robots are scheduled to hit the States next month.