releases a peanut-shaped temperature sensor is… a strange company. Take, for example, the fact that its website’s About section begins with a treatise titled “the meaning of life.” Or the fact that its smart sensor product is called “Mother.” When you realize that the whole thing was founded by Nabaztag co-creator Rafi Haladjian, the whole thing makes a little more sense.

The company’s latest offering is no less strange — not from a naming perspective, at least. The ThermoPeanut is the first entry in an upcoming line of smart sensors called SensePeanut. Because, you see, they’re all shaped like a peanut.

The products are a variety of sensors designed to be slapped on a wall, offering a relatively cost-effective entry point into the Internet of Things. The ThermoPeanut is a two-inch device that takes a wide range of temperature readings, from an unbearable -5 degrees to an even more unbearable 140 (there’s a sweet spot in there, somewhere).

It’s got Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity built-in, connecting and transmitting its readings to a mobile device within 200 feet. You also can walk up to the heat-seeking peanut and press it to get a sound letting you know if it’s too hot or cold — though most likely you’ve already figured that out, being in the same room and all.

The sensor can be connected to a mobile device as a sort of hub, so readings can be checked remotely. It also van be connected directly to devices like the Nest thermostat. The sensor is available as of today, priced at $29. Not exactly peanuts. More sensors, including the MedPeanut (medicine), SleepPeanut and a device-controlling PeanutButton are arriving later this fall.