Apple might live-tweet the iPhone 7 launch from its @apple account

Apple is upping its Twitter game after it took the wraps off an official @Apple account on the microblogging service.

The account — first spotted by Business Insider — has been around for some time. It has already picked up more than 55,000 followers at the time of writing but, as of today, it got an official Apple feel with a company profile pic and background image. There aren’t any tweets yet, but with Apple set to unveil its next iPhone next week, it is likely to use the account to market the product or perhaps even live-tweet the September 7 event.

Apple has other product-focused accounts on Twitter — including @appstore, @applemusic and @AppStoreES — but this is the first time it has gotten a central company account.

So if you’re a Twitter user and keenly interested in the next iPhone, you might want to follow @apple — that’s in addition to us here at TechCrunch, of course. We’ll be at the iPhone launch next week to bring you all the details.

Updated to correct the number of Twitter followers