The iPhone 7 could come with Lightning EarPods and a 256GB option


Apple is about to announce the next iPhone on September 7, and the plot thickens. A new leak spotted by Nowhere Else shows the hypothetic packaging of the iPhone 7 Plus. This cardboard leak shows that Apple could sell the iPhone 7 with Lightning EarPods, replacing the good old EarPods with a headphone jack.

More surprisingly, it also says that the iPhone 7 might come bundled with a Lightning-to-headphone adaptor. It could indicate that Apple is aware that there will be some backlash when it removes the headphone port on the next iPhone.

Apple loves to upsell you with expensive accessories. But the wound over the loss of the headphone port might be too fresh for this year. Maybe Apple will sell the dongle separately next year.

Today’s leak also shows that Apple plans to sell a 256GB version of the iPhone 7. This is in line with previous rumors. Both iPad Pro models already ship with 256GB options, and rumor has it that the next-generation iPhone will start at 32GB of internal storage.

As always, this could be a Photoshop and doesn’t prove that the next iPhone will come with Lightning EarPods — it seems possible though. It’s going to be more interesting to see whether Apple will also start selling wireless headphones.

While Bluetooth headphones are getting better, it’s still painful to pair them with your phone, charge them, etc. Maybe Apple is going to copy the Apple Pencil and find a way to let you plug your wireless headphones to your phone so that you can charge and pair them without going to the Settings app.