Garmin adds heart rate monitoring to its latest GPS running watch

With a cursory glance of Garmin’s current offerings, it’s pretty clear the company has pretty fully made the transition into fitness devices. It still offers in-car navigation systems, of course, but for Garmin, the future is wearable.

Its latest offering builds on its line of GPS-enabled running watches by bringing heart-rate monitoring to the proceedings. The feature’s a bit of catch up with a number of other manufacturers who have ditched the chest-strap for on-wrist heart detection, offering 24/7 read outs.

The Garmin Forerunner 35 does all of the standard fitness tracking, as well, including steps, calories, along with distance and fitness for runners. There are also several multi-sport features built in, including detection for indoor running, walking, cycling and cardio.

The watch features notifications and music controls built in and has battery life that should last up to nine days on a charge in activity tracking mode. It’ll hit retail in Q3, priced at $200.