Bill Nye is getting a talk show on Netflix

Bill Nye is getting a new TV show, thanks to Netflix.

The streaming video service announced that it will be launching a talk show with Nye next year, called Bill Nye Saves The World.

Nye, of course, helped introduced many ’90s kids (including me) to scientific thinking and concepts through the five seasons of his public television show Bill Nye The Science Guy (currently available on Netflix). He’s also the author of the recent books Undeniable and Unstoppable, which tackle evolution and climate change, respectively.

Netflix, meanwhile, has been experimenting with talk shows, specifically Chelsea hosted by Chelsea Handler. And the service is no stranger to the power of nostalgia — after all, it’s the home of Fuller House.

While twenty- and thirtysomethings might get a warm feeling from seeing Nye back on TV, it sounds like the show itself will be quite current and even at times political. IndieWire has an official synopsis from Netflix: “Each episode will tackle a topic from a scientific point of view, dispelling myths, and refuting anti-scientific claims that may be espoused by politicians, religious leaders or titans of industry.”

Comedian/Tonight Show writer Mike Drucker will be head comedy writer, while astronomer Phil Plait will serve as head science writer.

We’ll know more when the show premieres in Spring 2017. In the meantime, here’s a reminder that I once interviewed Nye for a full minute.