Relive Samsung’s incredibly awkward Gear S3 press conference

Samsung knows how to throw a party. A really, really weird party. The electronics giant has put on some of the more bizarre events over the past decade, including, memorably, one at IFA 2012 that featured a real-life magician hired by the company to demonstrate just how magical the company’s new phablet really was.

This year’s event, focused solely on its new wearable, the Gear S3, centered around an “interview” conducted by a watch writer, in which questions and answers were read pretty close to verbatim off a teleprompter, leading to the utterance of phrases like, “the case is the body, the face is the soul.”

As the company noted from the perfectly round stage (a little on the nose, but what are you gonna do?) in the center of the room, the last few months have seen several high-profile Samsung product releases, including the Note 7, the new Gear VR and the Gear Fit2, leaving room for just the watch’s unveiling — which is just enough to fill half an hour, if you ask a lot of questions.

It was mercifully short, given the fact that the air conditioning didn’t seem to be working in the Berlin event space, leading the audience to furiously fan themselves for the duration. Perhaps next time we can just stick to the VR version.