The Boosted Board 2 Dual+ is more exciting (and water-resistant) than the original

When I reviewed the Boosted Board earlier this year, I have to admit it was closer to the refresh cycle than I had anticipated, because here’s the Boosted Board 2 in all its glory.

No longer will I have to swerve tiny puddles at 20 mph!

The changes aren’t monumental, but they turn the board into a complete product, whereas before it might have been perceived as a $1,500 toy. Firstly, all exposed components on the board now have water-resistance, which is a major key toward making the board useful in the city. No longer will I have to swerve tiny puddles at 20 mph!

However, most of the visually recognizable of the improvements are based around new 80mm Orangatang wheels, custom Boosted trucks and the slightly tweaked Bluetooth remote. The result from these tweaks are a smoother, more resilient riding style, with a stronger and secure Bluetooth connection. Security for the remote is crucial, since exploiting electric skateboard remotes is very possible and far more dangerous than riding them.

Boosted also has changed its stance on parts: they’re user-replaceable meaning that long-term maintenance by the rider will be easier, and to sweeten the deal, includes the battery. This brings me to the changes made regarding power: besides the stock 99Wh removable battery (which is safe for airplanes), the Boosted Board 2 also has an upcoming 199Wh battery for a 12­-14 mile range; a decent extension of the usual 8-9 miles. One more thing: Boosted added a port under the front truck, which can be used for lights, future accessories and yes, even charging your phone.

As for the iOS app, it’s been updated and now has a companion Apple Watch app — still no Android version, unfortunately.

Small tweaks = new riding experience?

DSC_1859This might be the accumulation of experience gained from riding the original Boosted Board for weeks, but I definitely feel more confident on the Boosted Board 2. It reacts better to bumps and changes in road service, and by default I noticed that the trucks were tightened less; now they’re just right. Of course if you think otherwise, you can adjust them as you see fit.

I’d say the result of all these changes is a ride experience that is less jittery and more reliant on how you treat the board and the pavement around you. In fact, I’ve found myself going faster on average, with pros and cons.

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Evidently, the Boosted Board 2 is more exciting than the original, but that doesn’t make it safer. After all, you’re zooming on city streets at max 22 mph. It’s insanely dangerous and I love it, except when New York City road conditions change block-by-block and I found myself belly flopping at top speed; that was painful.

To add insult to injury, I nearly died since three vehicles braked suddenly behind me — fun times. Lesson: wear a helmet (which I still don’t), get lots of practice in quiet areas and pick your riding surfaces, carefully.

You can reserve your Boosted Board 2 today, starting at $999 for the 18 mph version, $1,299 for 20 mph, or $1,499 for the Dual+ with its top speed of 22 mph.