Nissan drew a life-sized SUV using a 3Doodler 3D pen

Here’s one answer to the question of what, precisely, one is supposed to do a 3D pen. If you’re Nissan Europe, you draw a car, of course (or get a handful of artists to do it for you). The automaker commissioned artist Grace Du Prez (and a team of crafters) to create a full-size version of the company’s Qashqai Black Edition crossover SUV using the 3Doodler Create.

The sculpture, naturally, used a heck of a lot of plastic – 8.6 miles of 3Doodler strands, according to Nissan’s numbers. All of that took a full 800 hours to create. The company is calling it the “world’s largest 3D pen sculpture.” Du Prez, who has pretty much made 3Doodler her medium, concurs regarding the size, saying, “this is by far and away my most ambitious commission to date.”

At the very least, it’s a good ad gimmick in the lead up to this year’s IFA conference in Berlin.