Nine-year-old boy prints a mechanical hand for his teacher

Calramon Mabalot is a pretty wild kid. He likes 3D printing and, along with his brother, he builds lots of cool projects – including a mechanical hand for a local teacher he met while building 3D projects. In an interview with 3DPrintingIndustry, Mabalot described how he designed and built a prosthetic hand complete with full articulated fingers.

Why did he want to build a 3D-printed arm? “I like learning it,” he said.

The project is part of the E-Nabling the Future project and can be downloaded and printed by anyone online. Mabalot met a teacher, Nick, who needed a usable prosthetic so he took up the challenge of building and assembling the project along with fitting the arm for the teacher.

Mabalot has his own website and YouTube channel and he seems like the sweetest kid in the world. While we adults flit between Facebook and email while waiting for lunch to arrive in the break room, this kid is showing us all up with his verve, drive, and talent. Seriously: take a look at the video below and be amazed.