Griffin’s $20 device retrofits headphones with Bluetooth

Are we moving toward a headphone jack-free future? Motorola recently fired the first warning shots with its Moto Z handset, and Apple is widely expected to follow suit in a week or so when most anticipate the arrival of a new iPhone.

Peripheral maker Griffin has one of the more cost-effective solutions to what could prove a major growing pain for a number of users — one that doesn’t require shelling out for a new wireless or Lightning port headphones. The $20 iTrip Clip plugs into a pair of standard 3.5mm pair and brings Bluetooth connectivity to the set.

The little key fob-esque device sports the standard array of music controls (volume, play/pause, track skip) along with a built-in mic. It’s got a wireless range of 30 feet and a battery that should last six hours on a charge. The accessory is available for purchase now through Griffin’s site.