Belkin debuts a sub-$100 iPhone/Apple Watch charging stand

If you’ve got a thing with a battery, odds are Belkin’s looking for a way to charge it. If Belkin already charges it, the company’s no doubt searching for another thing it can charge along with it. And in the case of the classic iPhone/Apple Watch combo, the accessory maker is simply going back to the well.

Back at CES, Belkin offered up the Valet Charge Dock for $130. At this year’s IFA in Berlin, the company is back, dropping the price to $30 with the budget-minded and forcefully named Powerhouse Charge Dock. The bedside accessory charges both Apple products simultaneously, keeping the watch elevated so users can have a look at the thing while it’s off their wrist.

Belkin’s not entirely clear about why the stand runs $30 less than its predecessor, noting only that the Valet “was developed closely with Apple,” and is currently only available directly through Apple stores — which may play a role in the premium price tag. The Powerhouse, on the other hand, is available now through Belkin and Best Buy, priced at $99.

It works with the iPhone 5 and up.