This could be Faraday Future’s answer to the Tesla Model X

Faraday Future is driving a camouflaged version of a real upcoming production EV in LA, according to Electrek. The site reports that a candid shot of a covered-up SUV is actually a test vehicle from the Californian would-be Tesla competitor backed by Chinese consumer gadget company LeEco.

The vehicle looks like a crossover-style SUV, similar to a Tesla Model X, and this is in line with previous reports that Faraday was looking to field a $100,000-plus luxury sport utility crossover, which would essentially slot right into the market where the shipping Tesla car already plays.

The SUV would be its first production car, after the company unveiled a far less practical, but flashier FFZER01 concept at this year’s CES. The FFZER01 actually looks like something out of Nintendo’s F-Zero futuristic sci-fi racing game series, and has over 1,000 HP and a sub-three second 0-60 mph time – on paper.

The circus show that is Faraday’s concept EV racer is a far-cry from something you’d be able to use to get your groceries, which is why this test vehicle is so interesting. Faraday has a lot to prove in terms of stepping up as a viable EV company, after all.