Tesla stock surges as Elon Musk teases ‘product announcement’

Elon Musk is going to unveil some Tesla product news at noon PT (3 PM ET) today, and the market is liking the potential, despite the CEO not providing any details. Share price for Tesla is up over 2 percent on the NASDAQ as of this writing, in anticipating of whatever Tesla is preparing to unveil.

A couple of possibilities come to mind: this has been a busy couple of weeks for autonomous driving technology news, with Ford and Uber making material announcements about their own self-driving projects, and former Tesla supplierĀ Mobileye announcing a new partnership with Delphi to produce an end-to-end Level 4/Level 5 autonomous driving systems designed to give carmakers an off-the-shelf hardware and software suite by 2019.

Tesla’s own Autopilot successor has been routed for a while now, and Elon Musk himself has said recently on a conference call that what Tesla is prepping in terms of a fully-autonomous car will “blow you away,” since it “blows his mind.” During the call, he also noted that Tesla’s Level 4 self-driving tech would “come sooner than people think.”

All of that fits with the idea that today could be the day for Tesla to lift the curtain on what it’s been working on with fully autonomous vehicles. Stay tuned, since we’ll have all the news regarding what Tesla’s showing off later today.