Tech companies assemble the Robocall! Strike! Force! to take on scammers

Look out phone scammers. Alphabet, Apple, AT&T, Comcast, Samsung and Microsoft are coming for you. The big names are among 30 tech companies that have joined up to form the Robocall! Strike! Force! (our exclamation points).

Other notable names on the list include BlackBerry, LG, Qualcomm, Sirius XM, Verizon (the company than owns the company that owns this site), Nokia, T-Mobile and Comcast.

The Robocall! Strike! Force! (our exclamation points) ended the week by taking its first meeting with the FCC, as part of its plan to create Caller ID verification standards and a new “Do Not Originate” list aimed at eliminating spoofed phone calls. The group, led by AT&T head Randall Stephenson, is hoping to have concrete plans in place by October 19th.

The Robocall! Strike! Force! (our exclamation points) assembled after FCC chairman put out a call last month for tech companies to help address the growing issue, blaming the rise of scamming on “industry inaction.”

Industry inaction? That sounds like a job for the Robocall! Strike! Force! (our exclamation points).