Apple is making another Apple Music documentary with Cash Money Records

Cash Money Records will sound familiar if you’re a fan of Drake, Lil Wayne or Nicki Minaj — they all share the same record label. An Instagram photo with Apple Music executive Larry Jackson and label co-founder Birdman started a rumor yesterday. Bloomberg confirmed that Apple and Cash Money Records will work together on some exclusive content.

While Jackson has been in charge of securing exclusive content for Apple Music, yesterday’s deal isn’t what you’d expect. Drake’s next album won’t be available exclusively on Apple Music. Apple just wants to shoot a documentary about the record label.

This isn’t the first time Apple is working on exclusive video content for Apple Music. The company started with Taylor Swift’s 1989 world your video back in December 2015. Since then, Apple announced that it is working on Carpool Karaoke stand-alone episodes (without James Corden, though). Apple employee Dr. Dre is also working on a six-part miniseries called “Vital Signs.”

And then there’s “Planet of the Apps,” a reality TV show about what it’s like to build apps for the App Store. This is the most puzzling video project at Apple, and it’s still unclear how the company plans to distribute it.

Today’s news is yet another sign that Cash Money Records and Apple like working together. Drake’s latest album “Views” was available exclusively on Apple Music for its first week. It’s now available on Spotify and other platforms. But maybe Apple will get more aggressive and start securing more exclusive albums — Taylor Swift’s 1989 isn’t on Spotify, for example.

Apple could also be testing the waters for exclusive video content. While Apple is limiting its video content to Apple Music for now, the company could be looking at ways to boost the Apple TV platform.