Ida Tin to speak on bringing analytics to female health at Disrupt SF

Ida Tin, co-founder and CEO of digital female health company Clue, will speak at Disrupt SF this fall. Clue’s app is known for its user-friendly menstrual cycle tracking abilities and its mission to bring feminine health into the age of data.

Period tracking has long been a way to understand the correlation between menstruation and fertility for those trying to conceive. Apps that help women track their cycles can also help identify other health issues like illness, stress and hormone imbalance.

With the launch of its Health app, Apple overlooked period tracking as a key function, omitting this from in its built-in Health app. With iOS 9, the app finally gained support for women to track their reproductive health, thanks to Ida. Apple came to Ida for help in building a women’s reproductive health component into HealthKit.

Ida told TechCrunch, “What we want to do is basically bringing this whole amazing field of female health into the whole age of data.” Last year Clue closed a $7 million Series A. The company has raised $10.3 million to date.

Ida will join us at Disrupt SF to discuss bringing analytics into the world of female health and what it’s like to compete in the health tech startup arena.

Early Bird tickets are available now. We hope you can make it out to the event.

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