MegaBots CEO Gui Cavalcanti, and a giant fighting robot, are coming to Disrupt SF

An Oakland-based startup called MegaBots is making giant fighting robots a reality, and forming a league for them to fight each other under clear and fair rules, something akin to Formula 1 or UFC.

Taking time away from all the test drives and trash talk that entails, MegaBots’ CEO Gui Cavalcanti will join us at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco to discuss the unique design and business challenges his startup is tackling as it makes its robots battle-ready.

For the unfamiliar, MegaBots’ current beast under development, the MkII, should weigh about 15,000 pounds by the time it’s ready for its first official fight. And it should be able to hurl things like massive paint balls at competitors, potentially rendering their machine eyes useless.

MegaBots has challenged Japan-based Suidobashi Heavy Industries to a duel, and Team Japan accepted, but the teams have yet to set a date for the fight.

Cavalcanti will not be attending Disrupt SF alone– he’ll be bringing one of the MegaBots, which will be operational during our fireside chat.

Disrupt SF will run from September 12 to 14. Early Bird tickets are available now.

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