This might just be one of the greatest GIFs of all time

Here’s a dose of Fridayness for you this fine day.

This incredible find from the Verge might just be the greatest GIF I’ve ever seen — it’s certainly one of the funniest to land on the internet. We currently know nothing about where it came from or how it came to be, other than that there is so much comedy condensed into just a few seconds. It’s almost like an old school TV sketch, as The Verge’s James Vincent notes in some detail.

That’s not quite all the GIF-goodness we have for you this Friday, here are two others — notable for different reasons — from the Olympic Games.

First, this impressive piece of data journalism inside 140 characters from the New York Times:

Second, internet sensation and Chinese swimmer Fu Yuanhui, who is probably the happiest athlete in Rio:

Happy Friday!

Hat tip @SimonNRicketts for finding the GIF