Reddit is currently experiencing a major outage

Update: and just like that it’s back. Goodbye productivity, hello r/birdswitharms

I’ve gotten so much work done in the past 90 minutes or so that Reddit has been down. Like it’s almost hard to believe. I returned some calls, responded to a bunch of emails and worked on writing out some thoughts for another story.

I did all this while refreshing Reddit’s home page that highlighted the “emergency maintenance” currently occurring over at the site. The “front page of the internet” is currently down across all platforms and it seems this “slight issue” may be a bit of a doozy. Some users are reporting that the home page is starting to spark back on, but it’s still down for this suddenly productive reporter.

The site shows a lot of spiking and tanking going on at the moment.

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 4.55.55 PM

No word on whether this has anything to do with the “algorithm changes” that CEO Steve Huffman highlighted yesterday in a post which I’d totally link to right now if I could, but there’s not much communication coming from Reddit’s end which is frustrating a lot of people online.

We’ve reached out to Reddit and will update if we hear anything back.