Morrissey thinks his gory new anti-meat mobile game is more important than ‘Pokémon Go’

Songster and perpetual master of subtlety Morrissey has teamed up with pals at PETA to produce This Beautiful Creature Must Die, a mobile and desktop browser-based app that turns saving cuddly 8-bit farm animals from a gruesome death into a fun, Tetris-like puzzle game.

Morrissey believes his bloody new anti-meat mobile game is more important than “Pokémon Go.”
The game features a jaunty chiptune-style interpretation of “Meat is Murder” that pulses away in the background like the soundtrack to an NES title as the player is tasked with swiping cows, pigs and chickens from four spinning saw blades. Failure to do so causes the screen to splatter with a low-res pool of blood. Fun!

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“This game is the biggest social crusade of all, as we safeguard the weak and helpless from violent human aggression,” The Smiths frontman said humbly in a statement issued by PETA. “You don’t get that from Pokémon Go.” Certainly not. At the very least, the anti-meat game has a decidedly more noble message than a game that involves storing monsters in tiny balls so they may eventually fight for our own amusement.

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Speaking of which, the animal rights organization released a Pokémon parody way back in 2012, back when AR was mostly just a thing that pirates said. “If PETA existed in Unova, our motto would be: Pokemon are not ours to use or abuse,” the group wrote at the time. “They exist for their own reasons. We believe that this is the message that should be sent to children.”

via Rolling Stone