Nintendo’s NES Classic Edition will add saving throughout gameplay

Sorry purists: New players of classic NES games on the upcoming micro NES Classic Edition system from Nintendo won’t have to rely on barbaric codes that recall progress, or single session playthroughs to beat games.

Speaking with French language radio show La Terrasse ÉNERGIE (via IGN), Nintendo of Canada comms person Julie Gagnon told listeners that the console will provide players with permanent save points, like more sophisticated games from the SNES and later era, as well as a temporary, instant save feature that lets you quickly capture and restore your game state so you can go to the bathroom, feed your child or bathe yourself without leaving the console running as in days of old.

The new console, which ships with 30 classic games pre-installed, will also offer a “pixel perfect” display mode that shows each pixel from the original as a solid color square, instead of fuzzying things up via anti-aliased upscaling. It will also offer the option to play in classic 4:3 ratio, and has a simulation feature that mimics playing on classic bubble-fronted CRT TVs.

So with pixel perfect visuals, there’s actually something here to please purists, too. And personally, I’m thrilled you’d be able to save. Maybe I’ll finally be able to beat some of the classics I never had the patience for as a kid. I’ll definitely try when the console comes out on November 11.