Playbuzz launches an analytics product to help publishers create viral content

Playbuzz has been offering publishers tools to create interactive/social media-friendly content like galleries, lists and polls. Now it’s giving them new ways to track the effectiveness of those tools.

The company is announcing the launch of its analytics product, Impact — which was previously in beta testing with select partners, but is now available to all Playbuzz partners.

Shachar Orren, Playbuzz’s vice president of content, told me that Impact can offer both a macro view (so publishers can see if one type of content is doing particularly well, or vice versa), while also going deep on each item. For example, if you published a quiz, you could see how many people answered each quiz question correctly, and also where they dropped off. (Apparently, a really hard question can drive a lot of users away.)

“The life of our items don’t end when you publish it,” Orren said. “You publish it and then you can see how people are engaging … and make sure that you’re optimizing it to be the exact experience that you want it to be.”

More broadly, she said publishers are becoming “more and more data savvy,” and thinking about a broader set of measurements (not just pageviews).

Impact also includes weekly reports for each publisher on their overall performance, as well as the ability to browse a broader library of content that they can embed on their site. The product is launching with The Sun’s fantasy football (soccer) page as a partner.