Nike and Zeiss created a $1,200 pair of sunglasses for Olympians

I recently spent $175 on a pair of Warby Parker sunglasses. I’m not proud of that, but my eyesight sucks now because I’m old and it’s sunny because it’s the summer. Suffice it to say, I now wear them indoors and at night both to get the most out of my purchase and to pay homage to Canadian songster Corey Hart’s seminal 1984 hit.

Personally, I can’t fathom spending $1,200 for a pair of sunglasses that don’t turn me into the Terminator, but then, I’m fairly certain I’m not the target demo for the Nike Wing. For one thing, I’m not an Olympian. Heck, I probably won’t be watching the Olympics at all this year – not intentionally, at least.

For the world class athletes among us, however, Nike teamed up with the optics experts at Zeiss to design a pair of worthy shades. You can watch a couple of moonshotty videos about what makes the sunglasses $1,200 worth of amazing, but the gist is a human anatomy-inspired unibody lens that wraps around its wearer’s face, while a silicone strap wraps it the rest of the way around the head.

That has two key advantages. One is weight — a pair tips the scales at 26 grams. The other is a tight fit that eliminates pressures from the bridge of the nose and ears. It also helps cut down on wind drag, a key feature for people whose primary job in life is moving really, really fast.

via Wired