Strava adds a real-time safety feature to its fitness tracking app

The official promo for Strava’s new beacon feature shows a runner attempting to outpace a giant boulder — something I suspect isn’t too common an occurrence unless you’re Indiana Jones or Wile E. Coyote. Still, even if you’re not a fictional adventurer or anthropomorphic desert scavenger, accidents can happen when you’re out for a long run, bike ride or other workout.

Beacon brings safety functionality to the popular fitness social network, offering users real-time location data with a select group of contacts, so friends and family can locate them should any unforeseen circumstances occur during a workout.

The feature rolls out today for Strava Premium ($6 a month) users on iOS and Android, letting users add up to three names. Contacts get a text message when the workout begins, featuring a URL that offers live map info, even for those without an account.