DJI puts temporary restrictions on its drones in Brazil during the Olympic Games in Rio

Tomorrow marks the first day of the Olympic Games in Rio. And drone makers DJI have announced the establishment of temporary flight restrictions that will prevent their users from flying into air space around sports arenas in six Brazilian cities hosting international athletic competitions.

The restrictions — or “temporary updates to DJI’s no-fly zone system” — have been initiated before around the G7 Summit in Japan, the UEFA Euro 2016 soccer tournament in France, and political party conventions in the U.S., the drone maker noted in a press statement.

The company also said that the restrictions were established at the behest of, and with coordinates provided by the Brazilian military. The no fly zones and flight restrictions will be in place until the events are done around August 21st in Rio de Janerio, Sao Paulo, Brasilia, Belo Horizonte, Manaus and Salva.

In late 2015, DJI established a partnership with the airspace intelligence startup AirMap, to initiate geofencing as needed, including around events which require heightened vigilance from a security perspective, such as sporting events or wildfires, where the flight of unauthorized drones could interfere with rescue missions and firefighting operations.

However, the system in use in Brazil does not rely on AirMap.