Another communications head leaves Twitter

Jim Prosser, Twitter’s head of corporate, revenue, and policy communications, is leaving the company. He’s headed over to SoFi to run communications and policy, he said on Twitter.

It’s noteworthy that three of Twitter’s top communications executives have left in the past month. The highest profile departure in the past few weeks was longtime Apple veteran PR executive Natalie Kerris. Kerris joined the company in February in the middle of a critical time for the company, which basically had to prove to investors and the rest of the world that it could be a strong, growing independent network. Twitter’s head of product communications, Rachel Delphin, also left last month to lead communications at Tanium.

But, these kinds of moves are pretty common. Prosser was at the company for four years (and, while there, was fantastic to work with). SoFi is also a quick-rising startup, which my colleague Katie Roof and I figured was probably well on its way to going public — though, that was before The Reckoning in tech happened and IPOs dried up earlier this year.

Twitter CMO Leslie Bernard is taking over the duties of leading communications for now. That’s going to be tough. Twitter is a very hard story to tell right now. Its last quarter didn’t go very well, sending shares diving 10 percent. It’s barely growing, if that, and is dealing with a host of issues like online abuse and harassment. Twitter is going to have to figure out where to go from here as it works to tell its story in such a way that convinces the world it needs to exist.