Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine are taking to Quora on the heels of Trump’s AMA

Hot on the heels of Trump’s not officially sanctioned Reddit AMA, the GOP nominee’s chief rivals are taking a break from the campaign trail to answer some questions to Q&A site, Quora. The Democratic presidential and vice presidential nominees are both veteran question answerers with the service.

Hillary Clinton racked up the most views in Quora history during a session back in May, while running mate Tim Kaine helped kick off the launch of the AMA-styled Sessions offering after it launched back in November.

The whole setup certainly has a little more sheen than Trump’s fiery Reddit round, which was facilitated by the candidate’s supporters, rather than the site itself. Reddit appeared baffled by the whole situation after its initial announcement.

Clinton and Kaine will be hitting the service a week from today. The session is now open to questions.