You can now control Nest’s Thermostat with your Apple Watch


If you own both a Nest thermostat and an Apple Watch, you might’ve figured the two would’ve learned to play friendly by now.

I mean, Apple Watch keeps you from having to pull your phone out of your pocket to see who’s bugging you while you’re trying to finish Stranger Things, Nest’s thermostat keeps you from having to pause Stranger Things just because you’re a little cold… surely, the two would work together in some sort of perfect, shut-up-and-let-me-watch-Stranger-Things harmony?

Before today, no. But now they do! Hurray!

Nest just dropped an update to their iOS app that adds Apple Watch support, allowing you to control your Nest thermostat from your wrist like the 2016 smart-home dwelling spaceman you are.

Okay, but seriously, back to watching Stranger Things.

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