Here’s a backpack for carrying around a 3D printer

This is one solution to the problem of 3D printer portability –though, it’s not particularly elegant, as far as such things go. Ultimaker 2 Go backpack is, quite literally, the device’s shipping box with a couple of shoulder straps, so you can roll into the maker party like,


The kit includes the aforementioned straps, a metal frame and screws, which anchor into the foam packaging, which also includes some extra space for tools. It runs €59.95 ($66.37), or you can get it free with the purchase of Utimaker 2 Go, the company’s most portable 3D printer, which run €1,195 ($1,323).

It’s pretty big and bulky for a backpack not designed specifically with zombie apocalypse survival in mid, but if you absolutely need to transport a 3D printer around your city by bicycle, there are probably worse ways to do it.