Twitter for Android gets a “Night mode”

Well it took a while, but Twitter for Android users can finally enjoy their tweets when the sun dips past the horizon, throwing the world into darkness. Yes, Twitter has added a “Night Mode” to its official Twitter for Android app.

Long have we suffered with a Twitter usable window tied to the arc of the sun across the sky – and iOS users suffer still, for no “Night Mode” yet exists on the iOS version of the official app. Who knows how many tweets have been lost to the night, but at least now we have a way to move toward a more nocturnal future.

Of course, in reality you could always use Twitter on Android or otherwise both at night and during the day, but the bright, white-dominated UI is not ideal for use in low light and sun-less settings. The new “Night Mode” actually just makes text light across a primarily dark background, which is a very welcome feature addition if you care at all about a more pleasant and comfortable reading experience at any time of day.